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From the Union For Reform Judaism / Reform Movement

L’hitraot, for Now...

After four years of bringing you a new episode nearly every week, this podcast is taking a little br...

The Antidote to Kvetching

Most of us today aren’t tasked with wandering through the desert, like the ancient Israelites were...

The Blessing of Blessing One Another

Parashat Naso, the longest of all the Torah portions, features a famous blessing – but what does i...

How the Book of Ruth Connects Us All Today

Chag Sameach and welcome to a special Shavuot edition of On the Other Hand! On this week’s holiday...



    The world is based on three things Torah, avodah, and gemilut chasadim

    Acts of loving kindness and compassion Making the world a better place for all

    Repairing the world with good deeds Healing and transforming those in need